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The feedback received from the customers will be used for the betterment of products and services. In the end, the purpose is to make the customers happy and satisfied. And you may also receive the rewards for taking part in the survey. The complete survey process along with instructions and requirements are detailed below. For further information, check the below section. Below are the rules and criteria that you have to fulfill for taking part in the Dgcustomerfirst Survey i. Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey. In order to participate in Dgcustomerfirst Survey, you need to have the following things.

Also, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below. Dollar General allows its customers to participate in the sweepstakes after the completion of the survey. With survey sweepstakes, they will have a chance to win the rewards. Check the below details:. Below we have provided the information related to the questions that are mostly asked in Dgcustomerfirst Survey. Just remember that you have to provide your genuine feedback. Thanks so much. Daniel baker. South Fulton Tennessee.

And not to mention….. Just sayin! Just sayin again. Their little site says my email is not there. Just a bunch of bull!!! Very seldom I stopped at this store cause usually the the elis are packed with stock shelves are always cluttered the workers are very friendly. But overall they usually have what I need. Quality of items are so much better than they used to be. Also the variety of merchandise is remarkable.

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My DG moved to our area in November, …it has saved me from running 12 miles in to town to get small shopping items…. I am soooo thankful they built a DG near me…. Your was very satisfactory and the service was great had no problems. Loved it thanks the code is You can use as many as you want a week only one per transaction , but you can only take 2 surveys per device per every 14 days.

Rveytime I start to click send it saying error thanks for your interest in our survey then it want let me take it? Anyone else experiencing this issue. And as far as the digital coupons go I tell them if the coupon does not come off then i dont want the product. They have yet to understand this.

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Bunch of bullshit! Try doing a survey said someone else in my household done one already. The girl who help me name is krystle , she was very kind, she help me find what I was looking for. I love my dollar general store? Our store is dirty and the employees are very rude and disrespectful. They were dishonest to me about who the manager was and what I could do with coupons, I asked them to call corporate and that incouraged them to accept my coupon. The products are things I use everyday.

Happy with store supplies available the assistant manager Antony in Star City could be more patient with customers. He gets upset when ask about errors in purchases yelled about customers not reading the fine print on sign last time I ask about item with sign on it displaying sale. I shop at dollar general aleast 4 times a week. And the customer service from Kevin at store is awesome I give him five stars all the way. Unfirtunatly not all Dollar General stores show as much pride and Integrity as others. I just moved to Ravenna Ohio.

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I somehow lost my coffee maker in the process so I looked up the nearest DG and went there. I found what I was looking for. Well after removing the coffee maker I noticed that the other looked a little like it was burnt. The rest of the parts both inside and out were dirty with what appeared to be used product. I figured well. Everyone is not as honest as most of us and they got one over on DG.

Higher prices us what that squalls it out to be. Well after I arrived at the store the person that sold me the coffee maker looked it over and said. You sold it and someone returned the same pot and it was never inspected. I want a new offer maker please.

Someone got mine for free. Now at my previous store they always looked at the product when returning. I am just going to start shopping elsewhere. In this town. Dollar Store or Big lots…. Love DG stores the employees r always so helpful n nice n it has everything I need n clean and cheap also good. I love the shopping there I find everything what I need.. Thank u.. I really love shop at dollar General they have good deals and has their digital qpon it more save when they have sales too.

DG is walking distance for me, which makes it so nice. They are literally 5 minutes away. DG really gives Wal-Mart a run for their money! I have always had positive experiences at the Dollar General! I entered my information from my receipt and did the survey but the email with the coupon was empty! How do I get my coupon????!!! My favorite store really good deals n customer service in the store on dick rd.

In buffalo n. Stacy Woolfork the manger is so sweet. I keep trying but get the message of Thank You for your interest in our survey,Our records indicate that you or someone in your household recently completed our survey. We appreciate you taking the time to give honest feedback you are only allowed to complete 2 surveys ever 14 days.

If you receive another invitation in the future you may complete a survey at that time. My question to you is Why is it that Im limited to doing surveys, love to do surveys especially when its to give credit to the cashier on how the store looks, if the isles and shelves are clean, how polite the cashier is and helpful… Please respond Thank You.. There is a limit of 2 per user every 14 days because people began abusing the coupon. They still find ways around it though, nothing is fool-proof.

Hope that helps! I have only been able to print one coupon for this month and knpw others who have printed at least three.

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I love DG. I get so many great deals in there. Keep doin what yu are doin. Now if yu could fix the employee attitudes. Tonight I had one of the sweetest cashier ever.

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Thank you,. The service was great. I finished my survey and never received my coupon. My survey code is Please email the coupon to me. Love the olivehurst store great savings the associstes are knowligable friendly always husseling great milk prices. I love this store!! There is such a variety of items.. Code The manager this past over a year She has really cleaned the store up.