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Chain Pitch, Model MS Call Store for Price. Designed for efficiency and reliability that consistently delivers incredible performance. Not available for online order at NorthernTool. Packed with features that the professionals depend on. The technology is all engineered into one compact, ergonomic design. A Quick Chain Adjuster also makes it simple to put the correct tension on the saw chain without using any tools. Make quick work of trimming branches, cutting small trees and clearing fallen limbs after a storm.

Its versatile performance is ideal felling cutting firewood, cleanup after a storm and much more.

Delivers exceptional power, light weight and fuel efficiency plus low maintenance that makes this chainsaw a force to be reckoned with. A great choice for felling trees, cutting firewood and storm cleanup. Delivers exceptional power, light weight and fuel efficiency plus a unique engine management system that optimizes engine performance and compensates for changes in operating conditions such as temperature, elevation, fuel quality, and dirty air filters. Ideal for use by professional arborists and tree service personnel. No pulling on cords, fuel mixing or complicated startup procedures.

Just squeeze the trigger and start cutting. Battery and charger sold separately. Not Yet Rated. Choose Options. Overall just an amazing saw and it cannot be beat by any other brand. Purchased this saw for cutting firewood. Oak, pine, sycamore and walnut. Really comfortable to use due to the anti-vibration springs in the handle and saw body. Easy to adjust chain tension with one bolt. Starts easily and runs quietly.

Another great Stihl product! I'm on tank 3 and so far and I've been pretty careful during the initial break in but the saw has been as advertised. The easy start feature is nice when you get use to it and the saw does a good job trimming and cutting through moderate sized timber. The tool-less quick chain tensioner is a plus as well.

I looked at several competitor saws and seriously at one other major brand. The Stihl reliability, durability, service reputation and the s features were the final determining factor. This chainsaw starts and runs reliably. However, I have had issues with the oiling mechanism. It seems to not oil the chain very much at all, which contributes to chain wear, bar wear and engine wear. When I sharpen the chain, I also clean up the entire saw as well as the grooves in the chain bar and the oil holes in the bar.

On the positive side, the anti-vibration mechanisms on this chainsaw are I purchased this saw 2 years ago for small clean-up jobs.

The comprehensive range for wood of all sizes

The power and quick chain adjustment tool are awesome. The EZ start on the other hand is a pain.

Stihl's New MS 462 Chainsaw - Review

I have had to replace my pull cord due to people using the saw and pulling on it like a normal pull string. The amount of force needed to "wind" the ez start system IMO is not much less than it would take to pull this small saw in the first place. Maybe this would be good for someone very elderly. My 70 year old father used this saw last week Everything else about this saw is awesome. It has the Stihl quality and characteristics of all the top end professional saws by Stihl but at an affordable homeowner price. Stihl is a great manufacturer that does not sacrifice quality on its less expensive equipment.

This saw has great power, is dependable and feels better to handle than the competitors. The only characteristic feature that I am not completely satisfied with is the "Easy2Start" feature. Its difficult to cold start with You can literally wait 2 seconds between when you pull the cord and then hear the saw try to start and when its cold this can be problematic. When the saw is warm this feature is not an issue though. Overall I love this chainsaw but would rather not have the Easy2Start feature. I dumped the oil without knowing it the other day. I do not like the toolless caps for the fuel and the chain oil.

I don't if I forgot to put the cap on or if I did not put it on correctly. The saw was cutting crooked too right after I started using it the first time.

I replaced the chain with the yellow chain, much better cuts. The saw has a good sized fuel reservoir. This is saw is great! I own acres of woods and own a couple of Stihl professional series saws. I was looking for a smaller light weight saw that was easier to use for smaller tasks and this saw more than does that. I've used it to fell small trees creating food plots and clearing spots for tree stands and now find myself using this saw over my pro series saws to cut logs for firewood. This saw has plenty of power and I love the easy start and chain adjustor.

This saw is a must have!

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This saw is ideal for home owners, land owners, and even some professionals. It is very versatile and can handle almost any wood that you throw at it. It is great for felling, bucking and pruning trees. Stihl provides quality in all of their products, this chainsaw is no exception. The light weight of this saw decreases user fatigue and allows you to saw for longer.

By decreasing fatigue it will allow you to saw safer as well. This saw is also extremely reliable. You will be able to run it all I will typically run this saw 8 hours at a time and never have any problems. This speaks for the longevity and consistency that Stihl harnesses in their chainsaws. Stihl also understands that chainsaws are not meant to be babied. Because of this, the products that they make are built to last, and stand up to abusive forestry work.

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The only issue that I have with the quality of this saw is the chain catch. It is not made of metal like a lot of the bigger saws, it is simply an extension of the sprocket cover. While this is not ideal, after throwing a chain it still did its job of catching it. Some make the mistake of not choosing Stihl because of the price. The price of this saw is more than most saws of its size. Although other saws of this size typically do not have the power that this one does.